Plenary Sessions


Our two plenary sessions will be based on the book, Now What?!: Get Over Yourself and Move, by Dr. Angela Anderson. During these interactive sessions, we will address those times in life when you feel stuck. She shares how she faces every challenge and fear with a question: “Now what?” Through encouragement and using step by step tools, we’ll begin to master playing to our strengths, reaching our personal goals, tapping into our gifts and transforming our lives. Let’s move from “One day” to - this is “Day One” of my new beginning! Regardless of what stage of life we’re in, we all want a life filled with purpose and passion. It’s time to RE-IMAGINE!


Workshops (Attendees will select 2)


“Dating in the Digital Age”

Whether we’re looking for a lifetime partner or just someone to hang with, it’s clear that more of us are using social media to get connected. Where do we start and what should we look out for? Explore techniques to enhance your online profile, making it more effective and inviting. Discover the warning signs that may be suggestive of problematic people, potential scams and possible cheaters. Take time to RE-IMAGINE and re-invent your social life!

“Shattering Our Silence”

It's been said; “it’s our secrets that make us sick.” To be truly free, we have to break out of those things that keep us caged in, caught up and encumbered. Shattering Our Silence does not mean telling everyone the issues from your past. But it is about recognizing them, reconciling your feelings about them, and reclaiming an unfettered future. To RE-IMAGINE our lives, we may need to re-position our minds and our spirits, so we can refresh the potential that is already in us!

“Pursuing the Plan for Your Possibilities”

As we “call those things that be not as though they were”, we realize that anything is possible. It's time to identify what success looks like for us and how long it will realistically take us to get there! Decide where we want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years personally or professionally. Let’s determine how to make our choices and our behaviors reflect our goals. We’ll focus on establishing personal priorities, setting specific short-term and long-term goals, and embracing our Spirit-led plan as we RE-IMAGINE our future.

"Reconstructing Our Relationships"

What happens when our relationships cause us more harm than good? How can we RE-IMAGINE our relationships? How do we reconstruct a relationship that has been broken? It begins with “ME”. Whether it’s with a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend or a significant other, relationships are vital to our existence. Let’s identify our trust issues; and re-examine what we’re willing to accept and not accept. Who do we need to keep in our lives or shake off? Rediscover our self-worth, establish a healthy self-trust, and set some boundaries that work for us!